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COVID 19 Policy

Our goal here at Pack and Geaux is to always have your safety and convenience in mind.  We take the sanitation of each tote seriously by taking the time to disinfect each tote on the interior as well as exterior after each customer use.

When you order our green moving totes, you can rest assured that your health is our top priority.  


What is the average cost to move a 3-bedroom house?

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It will cost you over $500 to purchase all the boxes and supplies you need to pack up a 3-bedroom home. This doesn't include the time it will take you to drive all over the city to find and buy the supplies you need!

Our 3-bedroom solution is LESS money and we deliver and pickup for free (first 25 miles outside of Covington, LA; only $25-35 outside of the area, one-time payment!).

*Image shows the cost of buying boxes and supplies for a 3-bedroom home.


Are your boxes sanitized after each use?

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Yes.  When we pickup the reusable moving boxes from your home and office; we then return to our warehouse and use an environmentally safe disinfecting cleaner on the exterior and interior of each box.  Afterwards, we let each moving box sit in the sun for a full day to dry and then we rotate those boxes back into our supply every 4 days.

Do you quarantine moving boxes?

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We have a detailed sensitization process that includes a full day in the sun to dry and then we rotate boxes into cleaned inventory on a every-4-day process.


Does your staff wear masks and gloves?

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Yes!  Our team cares very much about your health and safety.  Each of our Handlers uses a new pair of Nitrile gloves and a puts on a new disposable mask prior to each delivery, ensuring your health and safety.  Our Handling Team also will maintain a social distance of 6' - dropping off your moving boxes on your front porch, under your carport, in your garage or warehouse or in a safe location inside of your home or office.  Please help us maintain our COVID 19 Policy by keeping your 6' distance from us as well during the drop off process. 

How do I receive boxes? Do you deliver to my home and/or office?

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Upon receiving your order, we will send you a text and/or email confirmation and place your delivery in our schedule.  24 hours prior to the Delivery Date, someone on our team will call to confirm your address and delivery time.  When we arrive, we will drop off the reusable moving boxes where ever is most convenient for you; whether on the outside of your home or office or somewhere inside.  All deliveries are free of charge up to 25 miles from our Covington Warehouse and anything delivery address outside of 25 miles incurs a small delivery fee of $25 - $35.  

What items are included in each order?

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Each delivery will include the selected number of boxes, a box dolly, zip ties and labels so you can clearly identify contents.  Your delivery may also include an upright hand-truck/dolly, bubble wrap and/or packing paper based upon your order preferences.

How are boxes picked up?

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When you are ready for us to pick up the moving boxes, simply text us at:  985-789-5164 if you haven't already scheduled a pickup date on our calendar.

Do I need to sign anything?

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No.  When you checked out, you agreed to our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy as well as Delivery Agreement.  Your online transaction is the digital signature.  We are good to go! 

Is Delivery and Pickup Free?

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From our Covington Warehouse and within a 25-mile radius, yes.  Beyond a 25-50 mile radius we offer Delivery and Pickup for a small fee of $25 and for 50 miles and further, there is a $35 Delivery and Pickup Fee that you only pay once.


Why plastic over cardboard?

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The value of reusing allows us to mitigate our impact on the environment. Did you know that there are glue and tape from cardboard that are not recyclable? Pack and Geaux reduces waste through our cleaning and reusing practices, allowing a single box to be used over 400 times! 

Are plastic moving boxes safe for storing and moving valuables?

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Our plastic boxes provide you with superior protection for your valuables during the moving process. No longer will you need to worry about crushed boxed, the bottoms falling out, or tape giving way. Pack and Geaux boxes are designed for easy stacking, all while keeping your possessions safe and secure.

What is the size of a moving box?

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27”L x 17”W x 12”H. This is the ideal size! Any smaller and it would be a waste; any larger and you wouldn’t be able to easily move your belongings.


Can I keep the boxes longer if I need too?

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Absolutely!  When you checked out, you had the option for paying for additional weeks.  On average, you should consider 1 - 2 weeks for packing and 1 - 2 weeks for unpacking.

We understand that moving can be a hectic activity and want you to be comfortable and move at your own pace. Our mission is to help make your moving experience better by providing you with safety for your valuables and the flexibility to move on your own schedule.  

For a small additional weekly fee, you may keep the moving boxes until you are fully done unpacking.  Simply call or text us to come pick the boxes up when you are ready.

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